Champagne toasts to a diaper genie

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday the 25th - Ben takes Halifax....feeling like a bad dad....Tom Cruise and Pluto get shafted..coincidence?



So..Pluto gets dropped a couple of days after Tom Cruise gets the boot. Did Pluto get cruised or did Tom get plutoed? Anyways..I really don't think it's a coincidence. Something tells me those Scientologists are a vindictive bunch and we all know they have members hidden in every part of society. I think it was a cosmic tit for tat. Anyways...something has shifted...and I don't want to know what the ripple effect will be. God help us if a studio drops Travolta. If I was Saturn (same waist size as Johnny boy), I wouldn't get too comfortable.


The little guy turned 18 months old yesterday. Crazy fast. He is growing up a lot quicker than I imagined..worst part is, we get older with him. hahah. Pretty soon he'll be changing MY diaper.

Well..we get home from daycare yesterday and the little guy was crying all the way back in the car. I was thinking he was just tired, or acting spoiled (isn't that always what it is?) But no....I take a whiff and he has a special package in his hind end....thing is..his little butt-er was raw and red as a tomato. I remember the last time he was acting all whiny and clingy..and we though we were just coddling him too much. But ear infections...when will we learn? Ahh..joys of daddyhood. So worried about having a spoiled little boy, we forget that he is that..a little boy. 18 months my little guy. Happy half way to 2! (Is it weird that I have 18 new wrinkles?)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday yawns, Supernova and Pearl Jam do I start?

I'm in the process of training to do a 21k run in October (Half marathon to the uninitiated). Last night was our hill training. This consisted of running up a slope affectionately called 'BrakeHARD hill'. We had to do it 6 times...6 complete runs with the up and down comprising 1. Ok..with that out of the way. Here is my recap.

Arrive at the hill after a 3 kilometer run to get to it.
Doesn't look that tough. I scope out the top of the hill and begin my preps to run to it. Bring it home, so to speak.
I receive a tap on the shoulder stating that, in fact, I am standing approximately 3/4 of the way up the hill and I have to head downward and around the bend that falls off the earth.
My heart stops
My heart restarts
I sweat
I cry
I run to the bottom of the hill.

First run up..not too bad...I can see the top..Im bad at I job back down the slope without taking a breather.

Second run up the hill...not bad again...I feel a bit of burn in my quad..but nothing I can't handle....I'm at the top again and it feels so good. I grab some water...then head back down.

Third run up the hill...My quad decides to quit on me..but I soldier on...runner beside me asks what's up..I say that my quad hurts..runner say's "That's don't even use your quads going up hill"
I decide at that point that I am going to push the runner back down the hill if I make it to the top.

Fourth run up the hill. I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach. Maybe I just need some water...I am at this point considering calling a cab once I get to the top.  An older lady passes me and chuckles. She is my next victim.

Fifth run up the hill. I can't even feel my feet that is good. And the Quad...well..I think it actually feel into my kneecap a mile I can worry about that later. I have a dab of sweat in my eye..but I can't bear to open it is alright.

Sixth and final run up the hills. I think something internal is shutting down because I hear a whoosh sound in my ears and I have the sudden urge to let my bowels go....the old lady that passed me is behind me now..and I consider falling backwards and spiraling down the hill with her. 

I'm at the top now...and I decide I need a 5 or 6 hour rest. My legs are screaming, my lungs are no longer talking to me...and I have a 3 kilometer run back to the Running Room where we train. 8 hills next week? No prob. See ya then.



Now that's what I am talking about. I like a few things about this show. The singers all sing music I enjoy..the band actually offers up helpful critiques, instead of the boring Simon Cowell crank attack. My only problem...2 out of 2 Suprnova songs have sucked. And sucked hard. Now..this doesn't mean I won't listen to it...I like a good rock song. But..please...You have to have something better coming up. Otherwise you're going to have to change the name to Rockstar:KFED


Pearl Jam is back on the a place I have no hope in seeing them. Anyways yourself a favor and see them live if you get the chance. Fan or not, I think you'd walk out of there impressed. First by the music..second my what you get for your money.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I don't see the post anymore..Please pretend that none of this ever happened.

Someone help me outta this white jacket?

What the heck? I am new at this blog stuff..that I will agree...but does anyone else see some post there about style detection..or something?

So...if you don't see it..just carry on thinking I am a looney...but I see one....but when I log into blogger..I don't see it there to delete it.

Let's run through my emotions about this..but I am going to do it in the tone of the student that has been working for us all this is her, being me, finding this post....

"I was, like, oh my God, wondering what, like, happened. Then I was, like, oh my God, worried that, like, someone logged into my, like, oh my God blog. I'm like so trippinsky here. This is, like, all sauteed in wrong sauce. Oh my God Tommy Lee is funny. Like, can you believe it?. Oh mah God." anyways..what the hell happened.

And again..if it isn't there for anyone reading this..I didn't really see a ghost post..really I didn't.....

Wednesday's are for dummies...or Hypochondriacs and Canadian Idol haters... is my blog. Ben is my son..he's 18 months old...well almost.

Anyways...this is about him..and me..and the dog..and the wife..and the friends...and....the family....and the coworkers...and whoever else crosses my path. Be forewarned. Muhahahha


Last night my little treasure decided he was going to face plant into the corner of our end table in the family room. I wasn't there when it occurred, but you need to have a little background about Ben's dad before the post can continue. Ben's dad suffers from the Hypo-Chon-Da-Ria. So...needless to say ( is not needless since i am going to say it must be needed..anyhoo) that I was in Doctor Whatever mode when I got home. What were his vitals?? Did he seem confused?? Is there a concussion? Do you think the swelling will continue until his lower eyelid bursts?? Where's the ambulance?

Things of that nature.

He seems fine today...swollen black eye...but his spirit has not been blackened. Still answers his dad with a solid NO whenever he asks him to do something..and wants mommy when all daddy needs is a little attention ;-)


I watched a brief moment of Canadian Idol last night and a litte, tiny bit of throw up entered my speaking pit when I saw the 5 remaining contestants singing along with some country artist. 5 out of the 6 were off key. Can you guess who was on key???

Anyways..I was surprised the broadway style girl went (steffi d?)...I was thinking the girl from Newfoundland would go. Oh well.

Props to the Nova Scotia dude..sucking less and less each week and should contend at the end.